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Resignedly beneath the sky,

the melancholy waters lie. So blend the shadows and turrets there, that all seem pendulent in air. While from a proud tower in the town, Death looks gigantically down...

Edgar Allen Poe "City beneath the Sea"


The Court of Antwerpen


  • Prince: Alder Sébastien de Sénancourt de Valtran, Daeva Invictus
  • Senechal: Denis, Ventrue Carthian
  • Keeper of the Elysium: position currently waiting to be filled
  • Harpy of his Majesty: Ophelia Black, Mekhet (Alucinor) Crone
  • Sheriff: none for the moment
  • Deputies:
  • Hound: Dravik Thiersson, Gangrel Carthian
  • Ambassador:
  • Primogen: Dokisha, Alrik De Groot, Dravik Thiersson, Nadia Borremans and Nar-Septa
  • Prisci:
    • Lodewijk De Witte: Mekhet
    • Denis: Ventrue
    • Jens: Daeva
    • Dravik Thierssen: Gangrel
    • Father Killpatrick : Nosferatu


The Old Rules Traditions are enforced in Antwerp. Failure to adhere to them will result in punishment.


Dravik Thiersson of the Gangrel, Carthian Movement: Hound
Marcus Erana: Sheriff Clan Gangrel

The Scourge: identity known to his Majesty

The Circle Of The Crone in Antwerpen

Many things have changed in Antwerp since the legendary Ligardis and her Grey Rider ruled the Antwerp Coven. After their decade long disappearance the precense of the Circle waned until the return of Jack Waterhouse and his coterie. Quickly the ranks of the Circle rose again. Of that second coming only Dokisha remains, who is now the Hierophant of the "second generation" crones after Ligardis.

The Antwerp coven is seen as an unruly lot, but their faith to the Goddess, despite their refusal to follow the rules, often even those of the Covenant, remains unquestionable.

The coven deity is the Celtic Goddess The Morrigan.

The Antwerp Coven is known to be the warrior coven of Belgium, and can easily ready itself for war. They house the Low Lands department of the Ravens, as well as the legendary Order of the Blade (formerly known as the Blade Masters).

Not just a warrior coven, Anwerp has known, and still knows some of the most formidable sorcerors in Europe. And then we're not talking about just Cruac...


  • Dokisha Nosferatu: Hierophant Father
  • Alrik De Groot - Ventrue
  • Ligardis - no one is sure anymore, but the main guess is Nosferatu
  • [Ophelia Black] - Mekhet (Alucinor): Haruspex

Faith of The Coven

  • The Coven patroness Goddess is the Morrigan.

Invidual faiths however are a different matter.

Known Facts

  • Ophelia is a known member of the Alucinor bloodline.
  • All 3 members of the Coven have been known to have visions.
  • Dokisha is an authority on medical matters and the Pit.
  • Ophelia's personal haven is in the middle of werewolf territory. And the werewolves don't mind sharing their turf with her.


  • According to Dokisha all the faces of the Goddess are equal.
  • Dokisha wants to hand his power as Hierophant to Ophelia, in the hope that she will do a better job then him.
  • Thielemann is using Dokisha to get a control over the Antwerp Coven.
  • Alrik is the actual leader of the Coven.


  • No that is not an option, I would like to talk first.....Dokisha
  • Carter, put that doll away.... Dokisha
  • "Carter, once again you have the grace of a monkey slinging feces" Kathryn
  • *sound of people falling over each other in the struggle over weed and lacrima whiskey*
  • "I am troubled..." Dokisha
  • "Oh for fuck's sake Alrik, we both know you're a madam :P (followed by Alrik chuckling)" Ophelia
  • "I've HAD it with the Limburg Coven!" Alrik

Opinons of others on the Antwerp Coven

  • People tend to forget that we're a warrior coven. People will be in pain and crying soon... Ophelia Schwartz
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